Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking of getting the turboStar a gift?

 This is about as greedy a blog post that I will ever write. If anyone ever decides to go out of their way and pick up or make something and give it to me, I am almost guaranteed to be floored. I appreciate just the thought of someone thinking of me.  I can't begin to tell ya how uplifting and just 'magical' it is when a friend comes out and just gives something to me as a gift.  It's just the coolest experience. With that said, if you ever plan on getting the ole turboStar a gift(any occasion, birthday, or xmas) please try and follow these simple guidelines.

I only hate a few things:  Country Music, VHS tapes, and Moldy Cheese.  If you can refrain from giving me anything having to do with these three things we're cool.

I'm a huge nerd, and I'm sorry for being such a dorky pain in the ass- but here's what I like....

If you're stumped on what to get me, video games is generally the best place to start.  I have a firm belief that everyone on xmas morning should be opening AT LEAST one video game.  For birthday's or other special occasions video games work too!  ;)  I have nearly every console.  so any game you can find for literally any system will do.  If I would happen to get a game for s console I don't own, I'd have something to look for!  ;)
Currently I have a great love and interest in the following game consoles:  PSP, TurboGrafx, NES, SNES, and Sega Saturn.

Creative:  Something that could take more time, but is really REALLY loved by yours truly- are things that are created.  I don't just mean knitting socks, while that is also appreciated, but anything!  Drawing me a picture, writing a story, just making random useful and amazing things!!  I love this stuff!!

Otherwise I love just about anything- I wear size 13 shoes, size 34/36 waist pants.  M-L sized shirts.  M-L sized underwear.  I love ties, and comfy sweaters for the winter months.  I'm a jogger so I like jogging cloths.  MP3/iPod accessories. 

I love football; jerseys, footballs, just about anything. Also Pro Wrestling!  I like DVD's and T-shirts.  however if you are getting a wrestling T-shirt I prefer TNA or Chikara Pro ;)  I'm not too huge into NBA, soccer, or MLB... but anything Brewers (old school), or Bucks are appreciated.  I also like Biking stuff.

I love sci-fi:  DVD's of just about any movie, or TV series.  I like StarWars, Star Trek, FireFly, SeaQuest, and TONS of anime like Voltron, Robotech, and Akira!

Really you can't go wrong with movies for me.  I tend to squeeze out enjoyment out of some of the most uninteresting and dull films.  Some say I have bad taste in movies, but I just like what I like and I can't apologize for that.

I like movies like- Judge Dredd, Watchmen, Xmen, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (ALL), Star Trek, Braveheart, Postman, Robin Hood(Men in Tights and Prince of Thieves), Heavy Metal and Airplane.

Again.  I'd be stoked to see anything from anyone.  You can't go wrong with getting me something for xmas.  You really can't.  Just knowing that a person took even a second to think of me for a gift, even a classic re-gift, is like the coolest feeling on earth!  I'm the easiest guy on earth to buy for.

Most times when someone says "hey what do you want for xmas" I just say 'I dunno, whatever' cause I honestly mean it.  I'll be stoked to see anything, or nothing at all.  Either way I'm loving it.  At this time in my life I'm so wrapped up in making my families' xmas/ birthday's as memorable as possible that I almost forget that I'd also be getting something special too!  So anything I get I am 100% thankful for.

I just hope the list of 'things I like' helps anyone who is nice enough to actually be thinking of getting me something.  ;)

Thanks for reading-

You read it. You cannot un-read it.

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