Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Games you've finally gotten around to beating....

 I had played a few games years back and then put them down. Leaving the memories in my head only having experienced sometimes half the game or most of the game. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Maybe a game you got frustrated with in 1998, then one day you just decided to go toe to toe with it and burn through it. I've done this a few times, and sometimes had great experiences discovering new places and people in lost RPG's like Dark Savior or Shining Wisdom, but also had some not so great experiences....

The most recent experience regarding this would be Scud: The Disposable Assassin. I've played this game mostly for the awesome opening cut scene, the great soundtrack (LOL), and it also got me hooked on the Comic along with other Rob Schrab projects. I finally got through the freakin' maze of a level that the second stage is..* I can't believe I fell in love with a game/ character so much but barely played the game far enough past the second level.*

After the second level, we're treated to some pretty straight forward levels very reminiscent of the Earthworm Jim franchise(Which was nice) and some good graphics, a crazy boss rush and a nuclear bomb juggling boss(that was pretty cool, and frustrating as well).

It wasn't bad... but I guess all in all, it really left me wanting more, it felt like a very short game. After going through the second stage, which is still frustrating(I guess to the point of quitting it and not picking it up again for about 10 years) The rest of the game came at me with flashes of greatness and flashes of pretty vanilla old school platforming/ run and gun gameplay.

After finally conquering it, I do feel accomplished(finally), but also kind of disappointed.... making me kind of regretting beating it, and would have rather left the memories of the game I never got very far in on the shelf.

You read it. You cannot un-read it.


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