Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PC Engine Stay vs. Pokemon Go!

Being a big Turbo fan all my adult life, I often run into other big "gamers" and try to make idle chit chat about games.  They say they love RPGs and throw out names like Skyrim or Fallout and the first thing I think is, "Damn, I was going to say Legend of Xanadu or Cosmic Fantasy 2!". 

When all you have on your mind is OBEY, it's hard to relate to the rest of the gamer community. :)

Bless you BitHead1000!

You read it. You cannot un-read it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reconnected with an old classmate!

This summer has been one of many exciting surprises and events, with one of the biggest being a long time friend coming back to our hometown to hang out for a weekend!  We were able to get together and game for a whole day for the first time in 20 YEARS!! Matt would wind up moving with his family in the summer of '95 to the southwest US and we never really got a chance to hang out since!

Many summer weekends were spent at my best friend Matt's place in the summers of 1994-1995 playing some of the best games the 16-bit generation had to offer!  We got little to no sleep running through marathons on the NES, SNES, Genesis/Sega CD and of course, the Turbo Duo!! 

One of those games that we had hilarious memories of was Battletoads/Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team on the SNES!  I thought it would be fun to capture some of the gameplay footage from our gaming adventure and share with you guys!



You read it. You cannot un-read it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jean Claude Van Damme in the game room!!

Tossed around the idea of starting a fresh new youtube channel for a while now.  Finally pulled the trigger.  Not sure how well it'll do, but this new channel will be completely focused on gaming or comical looks at gaming as seen in our first BRAND NEW video not seen on my original channel.

Let me know what you think.  :)

You read it. You cannot un-read it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

NBA JAM theme song nightmare

Years ago when I was a younger version of myself I had an addiction to video games that couldn't be quenched with just playing the best video games of the time for the consoles that I owned, I had to play each and every game to experience just about everything there is available for EVERY console!!  This is clearly different from how it is today!  As now, I have less hair!

As the name of this post explains, I had an 'experience' with NBA JAM once when it first came out for the 16-bit console- The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

What food in Merrill?

Living in Merrill sometimes gets a bad rap regarding having places to go out to eat. There are few fast food chains here and there are relatively no chain restaurants. While I'm not exactly the biggest chain food connoisseur, I do appreciate the easy night out at an Applebees or a Denny's every once and again.  With having a "unique" selection of places to eat out in Merrill we have the privilege of getting to know more local made and locally grown products.  We have a more home grown feel to our eating establishments, which can be good... and sometimes bad.  Still, with how many run of the mill 'ma and pa diners' there are for us to choose from, there are a few places that truly stand out.  Places that go the extra mile and try to bring something fresh and new to our area, while staying competitive with our economy and keep their prices low. Ages ago Merrill had a Gyros place, a good Sub shop, and even a local taco place. After the economy took a turn for the worse (And a fire or two) we were left with a less desirable selection of fooderies.

Outside of Chips Restaurant (A local fast food/burger joint that has been a staple of Merrill food for billions of years), we’ve had to venture out to surrounding towns for decent food when dining out.  However, in recent years a few new places in town have sprung back to life and have more than a few local foodies taking notice. Of these places we have started to nearly get a bit of culture in our otherwise culturally starved hometown, with an oriental dining experience, a genuine BBQ place, two excellent coffee shops, a hell of a pizza place and an up and coming legitimate steak house turning heads, I've decided to talk here about these as my favorite places to eat in town!!