Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is Buster Bros. the ultimate Get laid game?

Videogaming takes on so many different meanings in this day and age.  There are your epic gamers that refuse to shower or go out into direct sunlight, there are for fun gamers that just party out with their pals, there are the sports nuts, and there are also the get laid gamers.

Now before you get all crazy upset with me, understand that this isn't gamer date rape, this is two people so overjoyed with a video game that it leads to intamate relations.  Looking at some titles that have come at us over the years we see games that just stand out as cooperative, hilarius, romps through colourful worlds that can actually bring people closer together.  Some games that come to mind would be Bomberman, Goemon (SNES), Gunstar Heroes, and maybe even moreso than any other Buster Bros!

Before the Playstation compilation came out, the US saw two releases in the series, both in the 16-bit era.  There was Buster Bros on the TurboGrafx CD, and Super Buster Bros on the SNES.  Before all you SNERDS get all excited, that Super Buster Bros game is a shell of a great game.  Don't get me wrong, its an ok game.  You run around popping bubbles, to some colourful play areas.  The music is the usual MIDI style Capcom treat.  Where the game really falls apart is that it's only ONE PLAYER!!  FOR SHAME!!  This is just as bad as Final Fight only being a one player romp!!  WTH CAPCOM!?  Now take a look at Buster Bros on the TurboGrafx, damn this game could get you laid if you were home alone!  Sleak controls, great music, excellent graphics, and one of the funnest two player experiences known to man!  Its not crazy difficult like Gunstar Heroes or Goemon.  Its not competitive like Bomberman.  Its a cooperative puzzle spectacular that rivals any videogame that uses two controllers for cooperative play. 

Its easy to jump into and can take some time to master.  Just five minutes into it and your running around, climbing ladders, shooting bubbles, and dodging crabs all the while giggling and bouncing around like a couple idiots.  You'll have him/her in your lap tickling each other at any moment if you play your cards right!

Buster Bros. will work with anyone.  Someone not into gaming?  Cool, its colourful and super easy to play.  Someone's a hardcore gamer?  Awesome, start on some of the later levels and get ready to die in each other's arms!!  Seriously, this game will get you some.  If it doesn't you can just send me your copy ;)

You read it. You cannot un-read it.

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