Thursday, February 17, 2011

Concept: Playing video games Till you Die.

Can you imagine in 40 years seeing video arcades becoming part of the norm at nursing homes?  I was always asked when I was younger "What, are you going to just play video games all your life?"  I thought: I certainly hope so!  Why wouldn't I?  It wasn't a fad, it wasn't a phase.  This was something that connected with me at a very young age.  I couldn't imagine going on without the video game industry, its past, games of today, and the future not being a part of my life.  Was I just supposed to grow out of it?  Just one day say, yeah... I'm an adult now, I don't have time for these video games anymore.  I guess in some form more people are playing video games then they even realize.  Now with the Wii being a near living room necessity and every man, women, and child on facebook.  Everyone is playing video games.

One thing I actually worry about is if the video games I mostly play will last all my life physically.  I read somewhere that a CD that was burned to create games for systems like the Sega CD, TurboGrafx CD and early Playstation games will only physically last 50 years.  Wait.  50 years?  So, lets see here, my copy of Fighting Street for TGCD that was pressed in 1989, will be dead in 2029?  I'll only be 60 years old then!  Every physical CD of Fighting Street will be dead in 2029??  WTF?  when i retire(Hopefully be able to @ 70) I sure as shit want to play my actual original disk of Fighting Street!  How the hell could companies allow this to happen?  This is actually terrifying!  What about Sonic CD?  Tomb Raider?  Ys Book I & II!!  I'm looking through my video game collection, that I hope to one day play through again when life starts to calm down a bit (Kids graduate high-school, move out, travel the world, retirement..etc.)  And now I have to worry about getting to them in time??!?!

So its not so much that people want to play games till they die, but now we have to worry about us playing video games till the games themselves die?  This is too much to wrap my little brain around.  And what of the consoles of today?  The ones that last a couple years or less then get the infamous red ring of death, or their crappy bluray lenese stop reading games?  Are we to expect them to last even 20 years? 

Well, this is disheartening.

One way I've found to cope with a large queue of games that you have yet to get through before they die, or you die, or the world ends is just that.  Playing games till you die.  pop in a game, play it till you die.  Only once, then move on to the next game.  Its not a high-score, its not conquering the entire game (Only the real lucky get that accomplishment) but it is giving it an honest try and playing with one guy with everything on the line.  Its pretty damn fun finding out how far you can get!

Give it a try, and let me know how far you get!

I know some newer games, or games that you never actually die, are more difficult to do this with, so if you decide to give it a try, pick a game that is pretty easy to get into first.  You should be comfortable with it, and have some idea of what you are doing.  If your like me, you should find this an exciting way to play some games that you once thought you wouldn't try again, or at least not for some time.  Maybe even pop some of them on an video upload site and start competing with others!  I'd love to see some videos from some of you!!

Thanks for reading~

You read it. You cannot un-read it.

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