Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm signing up for a 5k Run in Green Bay, WI set for July 31st!! This run will be my first ever actual 5k run/walk. To practice for this I'm going to be running the 'Fallen heroes' route in Merrill. Look at the Map, isn't this cool? The route is about 3.2 miles, actually a bit longer than the actual one in GB, so hopefully this will get me back into running shape. I hadnt been running as much as usual thanks to getting pretty damn sick a month ago, on top of some back soreness.... Stupid back!! But seriously take a look at this website- maybe map out a good jog/walk for yourself. A few minutes of quiet a day and getting some excersize can be some pretty amazing medicine for ones self!!

Till next time- keep it real!! Stay Healthy!! And remember I love you all!!


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